Resarch Institute on Media, Cultures and Digital Communication
EA 7546, Sorbonne Nouvelle University
Director : Prof. Franck Rebillard
IRMECCEN website

Research topics:

  • Cultural and creative industries
  • Online news diversity
  • Expression and politics on YouTube
  • Representations, identities and ideologies

IRMÉCCEN’s contributions to LabEx ICCA

The Research Institute on Media, Cultures and Digital Communication (IRMÉCCEN) gathers about fifty members (in 2022: 12 teacher-researchers who are full members, 7 teacher-researchers who are associate members, 36 non-permanent members including 26 doctoral students) registered in information and communication sciences (media studies), sociology, and social psychology.

The IRMÉCCEN aims to approach media, cultural, communicational and digital phenomena from a resolutely plural approach. This approach contributes to the singularity of IRMÉCCEN’s scientific positioning: whether it deals with objects or themes on which it has a form of anteriority, such as cultural studies or the digital, or whether it covers more widely explored fields such as communication and the media, its transversal originality lies in the openness and dialogue between disciplines, including the different theoretical trends that may animate these disciplines.