LabEx ICCA’s Young Researchers Network is aimed at doctoral and post-doctoral students studying the cultural industries and artistic creation. Its purpose is to support and promote the research of its members, based on a shared set of goals: exchange and mutual help between young researchers.

The purpose of this network is to spark discussions leading to collaborative projects between young researchers (studies, publications, etc.). Future events include:

  • monthly writing workshops, where participants discuss epistemological issues related to scientific writing, methodological texts, and the work of members wishing to benefit from a collective proofreading. These workshops provide team support by answering disciplinary questions and through the sharing of experiences.
  • bi-monthly professional seminars with two guest researchers who have recently entered the professional world, in academia or in the private sector, and who are invited to discuss their experiences with each other and the public. A variety of profiles and fields will be targeted, to provide a range of perspectives and the most comprehensive overview possible.
  • bi-monthly research seminars with two distinct parts. The first part will give doctoral students a chance to present ongoing research in front of their peers, in a form similar to a symposium, and to discuss it with the public. The second part will be hosted by a guest senior researcher who will present ongoing research.
  • a one-day workshop bringing together members of the network around a common issue. This workshop would take place during the second semester, so as to resonate with LabEx ICCA’s Summer University.

If you are interested, please register atby providing the following information: first and last name, dissertation topic, laboratory and university, email address.

Workshops and seminars will be held at MSH Paris Nord (20 Avenue George Sand, 93210 Saint-Denis).

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