The research conducted by our teams at ICCA is dedicated to the cultural industries in the digital age. As such, it combines prospective studies with an analysis of the changes induced by digital technology in these fields, actor strategies, economic models, creators, uses… Our teams also investigate issues of content convergence (analyzing multimedia practices and the evolution of content design) as well as the emergence of new forms of online production and circulation of content and the regulation of the creative industries and the Internet (analysis of regulatory mechanisms and needs; legal and economic aspects; assessment).

These concerns make up the core of ICCA’s work, in connection with traditional cultural industries (publishing, music, film, audiovisual production), as well as with video games and educational industries (analyzing interactions between the video game industry and the educational field; serious games, e-learning).

The ICCA laboratory deals with eight specific areas of research:

Areas of Research





Ongoing research projects:

Every year, LabEx ICCA announces two open calls for projects, with the aim of fostering multi-disciplinary and inter-laboratory research projects engaging with innovative topics.

The following list contains ongoing research projects, resulting from “blank” (open) calls for projects.


A perception-based analysis of immersive content practices (AR/VR/XR)

PQI Blog—Pluralism and information quality

CARTO (Trust and Authenticity in Online Card Reading)

A map of spatial mediations

Collective film creation in Africa and the Middle East: technical and creative work from the perspective of gender and generation

A data-driven culture: data-assisted creation and regulation

Double lives: on the socio-professional positioning of artists

Publishing in French: is the French model in decline?  

A “French touch” in the video game industry? Understanding national industry and cultural policies in video game production

University Game Labs: Francophone research networks on games

Digitization and its impact on concert production and broadcasting

The socio-economic impact of music streaming: a comparative study of France and Quebec

The cultural industries in India: digital technologies, platforms, and regulation

Open innovation and museums

Innov’zone 2020: research and development in the audiovisual field today

Creative models in the French board game industry

New publishing companies in Europe

Fashion & video games: advertising, leisure, work (PlayFashion)

MyFrenchFilmFestival. Film festivals and platformization

PURL. Amateur practices and commercial uses of digital social networks and platforms in recreational industries. The case of knitting.

A research network on culture and media industries in MENA countries

The socio-economics of TV series festivals and viewers’ experience of time

Work and creativity (II): towards a dissemination of models from the cultural industries? An international comparative approach.

The creative territories of fashion (TCM)

UCPS (User Centric Payment System)

Call for research projects: