ICCA teams are working on the following areas:

  • Cultural industries in the digital age (prospective and analysis of the changes that are being brought about by digitization, strategies, economics models, creativity, types of utilization etc.)
  • Convergences of content (multi-media, design processes, etc.) and web-based forms of production and circulation
  • The regulation of the creative industries (analyses of systems; legal and economic questions; evaluation)
  • Video games and the education industries (analysis of interactions between the video game and education sectors; serious games, e-learning)
  • The contribution of the cultural economy to growth, including in emerging countries
  • The attractiveness of territories (analysis of the territorial challenges of cultural and digital industries, employment, development, population, training)

LabEx ICCA’s research program is characterized by the implementation of “structuring” projects that bring considerable resources to bear on long- term research issues with societal significance in terms of regulation and upheavals in the organization of production, utilizations and content.
A central position is occupied by the new technological giants (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple), their influence on the cultural industries, and also the implications of crowdfunding. These projects are catalyzed by the complementarity of the research teams’ various skills and disciplines.

8 themes:

  1. New cultural enterprises in the digital age
  2. The development of the cultural industries in emerging nations
  3. Independence
  4. Innovation and cultural outreach
  5. The economics and sociology of celebrity
  6. Formats and content
  7. The cultural industries and non-commercial organizations
  8. Public policy and regulation